Worship City founders, Terry & Barbi Franklin, have led numerous worship sets at David’s Tent DC since 2012 for their friend, Jason Hershey, founder of DTDC.  God stirred their hearts that “Worship City” needs 24/7 worship, with fasting, prayer and God’s Word penetrating Tennessee.  God led them to begin gathering worship and prayer leaders from across Tennessee to pray and worship together to hear God’s heart for our region.  Soon, David’s Tent Tennessee was born.  God is using David’s Tent Tennessee to inspire even more leaders across America to raise up tents!  Watch highlights from a few of our tent events below, and then continue reading.

Many testimonies of what God did during David’s Tent Tennessee are on Worship City TV’s YouTube page, and many new fasting, prayer and worship movements are already springing up through the inspiration of what God did here in Worship City USA.  Stay tuned to Worship City TV on this website’s information menu.  We promise it will inspire YOU and your community to pray for revival and awakening!  And soon we will see a harvest of souls out of this fresh move of God!  Join us for our next tent event in Worship City!  For more information or to apply go to our current Tent Event PR Banner on the front page of this website and click!

In 1985, Terry & Barbi, who also founded Love Sings Ministries (formerly Heart for the World), have seen how fasting, prayer, and worship have been the combustion changing cities and nations.  Barbi said, “After seeing revival firsthand in 2011, we decided that if it can happen in Egypt, where we now see millions of people coming to Christ across the Middle East, surely it can happen in our city!”  So these prayer and worship leaders simply fast, pray, worship and seek God’s will for our city and state. Out of this, God is birthing a harvest of souls. (Join our current private fasting group page on Facebook named “Awaken Us Transformation” prior to our next tent event CLICK HERE)!

In 2015, over the course of the year of seeking God together, He began to unveil a plan to do a 40 day fast together with our Tennessee leaders, ending with David’s Tent Tennessee (24/7 non-stop worship and prayer).  God confirmed their plans through other leaders who had similar visions, so we all joined together, submitting to one another according to the Lord’s guidance.  It was significant to all of us that this 40 day fast ended during the Sukkot (which is also the word for David’s “Tent”), when Jewish people, who, for a millennia, have gathered together to remember their deliverance from Egypt and provision in the wilderness.

This feast is unique in that the Gentile nations also were invited in ancient times to come up to Jerusalem during this season to worship the Lord alongside the Jewish people.  This tradition first arose from the command given to Moses that Israel should sacrifice seventy bulls at Sukkot, which were offered for the seventy nations descended from Noah (see Numbers 29:12-35).  When Solomon later dedicated his Temple at Sukkot, he also called on the Lord to hear the prayers of all the foreigners that would come there to pray (2 Chronicles 6:32-33). Thus, Jerusalem and the Temple itself were destined from the start to be a “house of prayer for all nations” (Isaiah 56:7; Matthew 21:13). Because we as Christians are grafted into the vine, we know the Jews are an important part of our heritage, as the New Covenant is built on their Old Covenant history.

The spirit on Egypt during years of bondage was the spirit of Rahab, also called Leviathan.  It means “arrogance and defiance against God, rebellion, apostasy, strife, and is a ‘do nothing’ spirit.”  Does this sound like some of the prodigals and even atheist young in our nation, who need God’s love and compassion, and a fresh revelation of His existence?  It seemed appropriate, while claiming Nashville to become “Worship City,” that we plan a celebration of worship during this biblical feast, symbolizing and claiming deliverance from that same spirit of apostasy and defiance that has increasingly been on our cities and nation. In actuality the Bible teaches that Jesus is now (in the New Covenant) “tabernacled among us” because WE, the Body of Christ, are now the Temple of the Holy Spirit!  So now His glory shines through US by His Holy Spirit!

Miracles are given by God to encourage, confirm, and affirm God’s will given to us in His Word.  They are not given as “stand alone” truth, as we know that in the last days there will be “false prophets” who also do miracles, signs, and wonders.  But as believers, we should all seek God, and expect miracles in our lives, because God our Father loves us and answers prayer according to His will and promises that are written in His Word.  He is the same yesterday, today, and forever!

As Tennessee’s Worship City leaders continue to cry out to God together, worshiping in unity and passion, we fully expect God to Change our Cities to Change the World through Fasting Prayer & Worship!

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